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What is the difference between a router and a modem?

What is the difference between a router and a modem?

The modern world is highly obsessed with the internet and its provided services. Multiple attributes of the internet at present, but people do not understand it completely.

It is necessary for you to have accurate information regarding all the characteristics that help you to get Internet services. Wi-Fi router and modem are two different things that are considered the same by most of the individuals.

In this article, we are providing necessary information regarding both of the aspects and letting you know the facts regarding the difference between a router and a modem, so continue reading the article.

Modem and WiFi router two different things

The computer has its two peripherals named routers and modem, which carry a significant role when functioning for internet accessibility.


A router is a small box that helps you to connect multiple computers at the same time over the same network. In the traditional routers were wired and had an Ethernet port connection, but with the evolution of time, those wired routers have converted into wireless routers.

With the introduction of these wireless routers, more and multiple networks can be connected with these routers at the same time. Additionally, you can even connect smartphones tablets and many other devices at the same network having the same IP address.


The modem is a cable for DSL internet service that connects you to ISP. When talking about the cable modern that is also having a coaxial connector that is the same type of connector you can also find in your TV or cable box.

It merely connects the cable port on the wall and helps you getting assistance in the space criteria. All of these DSL modems have their telephone connector that is also known to be as RJ 11 Jack that allows connecting the telephone socket with the wall.

Well, this was the primary difference that we can draft when differentiating router vs. modem, as one can easily understand the difference from the above guide.


You need to know that modem and router both are separate entities but have a similar function to perform and can be connected to a similar device. This type of combination is done by making use of a router with a modem to simplify the ISPs set a process that becomes larger if you get these things done separately.

Well, these were some of the necessary details that one should know before using a Wi-Fi router or a modem.