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Portland City Council Candidate misleads public about her fundraising

In a Saturday forum Hardesty again claims fewer large dollar contributions than she has reported to Oregon’s Secretary of State

The Loretta Smith for Portland City Council campaign today calls on JoAnn Hardesty to correct her false statements about her fundraising.

In multiple forums, including today’s at Maranatha Church hosted by the Albina Ministerial Alliance, and on KGW’s Straight Talk, Hardesty claims to have only received a single $5,000 check from her ex-mother in-law. Hardesty then challenges whatever group she is in front of to check the Secretary of State’s online contribution tracking system.

The Smith campaign accepted the challenge and found that Hardesty, a vocal advocate for limiting campaign contributions to $500, has accepted numerous large dollar checks. Since launching her campaign in 2017 Hardesty has received over $150,000 in checks ranging from $500 to $10,000; $45,000 of that was from checks $5,000 and greater.

These $5,000 and $10,000 checks are dated August 29, 2017, August 20, 2018, with two in September of 2018 and two in October of 2018.  In fact, she has accepted two $10,000 checks in the last two weeks.

“Once again it appears JoAnn Hardesty has shown her true nature,” said Elizabeth Mazzara Myers, campaign manager for Loretta Smith. “She will tell outright lies to gain favor, even to a room of pastors and preachers in a church basement, as she did this morning.”

In August the Smith campaign called on Hardesty to explain why she hadn’t properly registered her business for nearly 20 years. More recently she was challenged to explain why she wrote herself two checks totalling $10,000 without the knowledge or permission of the board of the NAACP.

“We all need to follow the rules as written. This is not about our opponent taking large checks, it’s about purposely misleading voters ,” stated Mazzara Myers. “And this time no excuses.”

View detailed Hardesty donation list here.

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In Her Life, Loretta Smith Has Been A Champion For The Most Vulnerable In Our Community.

As a single mother who raised a son in Portland Public Schools, Loretta learned from an early age how to advocate for and assist young people in obtaining a quality education. As a result, her son was a scholar athlete at the University of Washington.

Loretta is running to help those who are being left out of our new prosperity, and left behind with rising rents and expenses. She knows that we need to look out for those across our city who are struggling if Portland is going to remain  a place where everyone can live, work, and play.

Portland needs a leader who understands why so many of our neighbors are falling behind, and who has a track record of making progress for the most vulnerable. With nearly 30 years experience working to create results, Loretta Smith is the right choice to make Portland a city that works for everyone – not just the rich and privileged.