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Domicile Unknown report: 79 homeless died in 2017, most died from drug & alcohol abuse

 Multnomah County Commissioner and Portland City Council candidate Loretta Smith today again reaffirmed her call to open Wapato as a temporary homeless shelter with on-site mental health and addiction services. The Domicile Unknown report released yesterday tallied 79 homeless people who died on our streets, with most – 60 percent – dying from drug and alcohol addictions.

“We must take bold action now to help those living on our streets, most struggling with drug and alcohol addictions,” Smith said. “We can open Wapato now, provide stable housing and help those with substance abuse issues that has made it difficult to get off the streets.”

Wapato would help provide shelter and social services to some of the 1,700 unsheltered individuals in our community.

“The data from Multnomah County has been clear - more than half of the people living unsheltered on the streets suffer from addiction, this report emphasizes the severity of this problem. My opponent has wrongly stated that the primary drive of people living on the streets is the high cost of housing.”

Wapato would help provide immediate shelter and social services to some of the 1,700 unsheltered individuals in our community.

“It’s urgent we act. I want to do everything I can to ensure that not one more person dies on our city streets this winter,” Smith said.

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In Her Life, Loretta Smith Has Been A Champion For The Most Vulnerable In Our Community.

As a single mother who raised a son in Portland Public Schools, Loretta learned from an early age how to advocate for and assist young people in obtaining a quality education. As a result, her son was a scholar athlete at the University of Washington.

Loretta is running to help those who are being left out of our new prosperity, and left behind with rising rents and expenses. She knows that we need to look out for those across our city who are struggling if Portland is going to remain  a place where everyone can live, work, and play.

Portland needs a leader who understands why so many of our neighbors are falling behind, and who has a track record of making progress for the most vulnerable. With nearly 30 years experience working to create results, Loretta Smith is the right choice to make Portland a city that works for everyone – not just the rich and privileged.