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Top 3 Best Karaoke Bars in Portland, OR

Top 3 Best Karaoke Bars in Portland, OR

Each of us at least once in his life imagined himself on stage. Or sometimes your meetings would not end with the phrase “Or maybe in karaoke?” And then there is a difficult task – to in the city, where tonight you will perform your favorite songs without planning it yourself. However, for those who like to sing but do not like noise, there is always the opportunity to arrange home karaoke. And such a pleasure will not be expensive, because for a good level of the system, a two-channel amplifier is enough.choose a karaoke bar

Voicebox Karaoke – SE Portland

If you want a great place for karaoke with friends, this is the perfect place. A nice place for a party, in the company or alone, great for soulful singing. The rooms are stylish and modern, with different lighting settings and even a disco effect. The choice of songs is decent, there are not as many as we would like, but many of the popular ones are on the list. The food is good, the staff is friendly and polite, and the prices are pretty good.

The Alibi Tiki Lounge

Tiki Bar is an establishment with excellent Polynesian food, drinks with rum, kitsch atmosphere and a very friendly atmosphere. This is a reasonably large restaurant for noisy companies. The atmosphere is dark but interesting. The interior is small but offers several bar seats and stands of various sizes. Outdoor placement does not allow. It offers a wide range of drinks. Food and drinks are moderately priced. The staff is attentive and serves quickly. They do not bother with their presence and quickly bring food or drink.

Suki’s Bar & Grill

This bar is located next to the hotel, which is very convenient. This is a great weekend karaoke bar and they have some of the cheapest prices for good drinks near Portland city center. It is great for watching sports, hanging out with friends. The bar is the very friendly staff and great food. It is worth noting that they have some of the cheapest prices for good drinks near the center of Portland. Inside there is enough space for sitting, and there is also a smoking patio. Also on the territory of the bar, there is free parking.