Black Leaders Back Smith For Portland City Council


Multnomah County Commissioner and Portland City Council candidate Loretta Smith today announced the support of another two Oregon leaders from the African American community.

With the endorsement of state Sen. Jackie Winters and Sen. James Manning, Smith now holds the endorsements of every sitting black legislator in the state and the most support from African American community leaders.

That includes former Sen. Avel Gordly, the first African American elected to the Oregon Senate and former Sen. Margaret Carter, the first African American elected to the State House. Both Gordly and Carter served distinguished careers spanning decades.

“We know what it’s like for our communities to be ignored, redlined, to face economic uncertainty, and to be over-represented in jails,” said Sen. Carter. “There’s only one candidate in this election who has the experience, education and track record of fighting -- and getting results -- for our community and that’s Loretta Smith.”

Additionally Smith has the support of Sen. Lew Frederick who represents North Portland and Rep. Janelle Bynum whose district expands from East Portland out to Clackamas County.

“Loretta has been a tireless advocate for all communities of color in Oregon,  particularly for the black community,” said Sen. Frederick. “She is unparalleled in her accomplishments of increasing economic, educational and safety net opportunities to our community, and that’s why we support her.”

Additionally she is proud to have the support from community leader and Portland Community College board Chair Kali Ladd and Troutdale City Councilor Larry Morgan.

“I have five generations here in Portland,” said Smith. “From when my grandfather moved here in the ‘40s to work in the Kaiser Shipyards during the war to my two grandchildren. I am proud of my roots in this community. And I am especially proud to have the endorsements of so many electeds and leaders from the black community.”

Other African American leaders endorsing Loretta
Michael Alexander, Sam Brooks, Dr. George Brown, Imam Muhammad Najieb, Dwayne Johnson,  Faye Burch, Joyce Harris, Ronnie Herndon, Tony Hopson, Joe McFerrin, Shirley Minor, S. Renee Mitchell, Musse Olol, Roy Pittman, Lolenzo Poe, Kathleen Saadat, Travis Stovall, Carl Talton, Tricia Tillman.

The Portland City Council race will elect the first African American woman in Portland's 167-year history.

Gray Ayer