Lincoln County Commissioner Claire Hall endorses Loretta Smith

On National Coming Out Day the only out trans elected official in Oregon endorses Smith in the Portland City Council race

Multnomah County Commissioner and Portland City Council candidate Loretta Smith today announced the endorsement of Lincoln County Commissioner Claire Hall.

 Commissioner Hall has worked with Loretta in their capacity as their County’s representatives in the Association of Oregon Counties. Hall held the elected position of President of the association until just a few months ago.

When asked about her endorsement, Commissioner Hall said, “I’ve known and worked side by side with Loretta for years. She has been a strong voice lobbying for the interests of Multnomah County. She has the temperament and the drive Portland needs right now.”

Earlier this year Commissioner Hall made the brave decision to come out as a transgender woman. She told her story to the Oregonian saying that she had battled with this decision for years.

Loretta thanked Commissioner Hall for the endorsement stating, “Claire Hall is one of my heroes. She has set the bar high for living your truth regardless of the outcome. On National Coming Out Day I am honored to stand side by side with Commissioner Hall.”

Other endorsements for Loretta Smith include: Eric Zimmerman, Mary Schutten, Kathleen Saadat, Basic Rights Oregon (green light).

Contact: Mary Fetsch,, 503-347-7153

 Lincoln County Commissioner Claire Hall (left) and Loretta Smith.

Lincoln County Commissioner Claire Hall (left) and Loretta Smith.

Mary Fetsch